The US Army received 5,000 AR harp on the basis of Hololens 2

The US Army received 5,000 AR harp on the basis of Hololens 2

The American military received the first batch of augmented IVAS augmented reality, created on the basis of the HoloLens headset Microsoft. Techspot writes about this.

The integrated system of visual increase (IVAS) combines night, thermal and wearing a soldier with high resolution sensors. Information is displayed to the casement visor.

The headset uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence based on Microsoft Azure cloud services to create a realistic environment for soldiers in mixed reality.

Soldiers with augmented reality glasses based on Microsoft Hololens. Data: US Army and Microsoft.

According to the US Minister of Defense for the procurement of Douglas Bush, the first batch consists of 5,000. The cost of equipment is $ 373 million. In total, the army plans to purchase 120,000 devices.

Before increasing the volume of purchases, the department intends to check the effectiveness of the headsets.

“[Based on the results], the Ministry of Defense adjusts the deployment plan in order to give time to correct deficiencies, as well as send units that are focused on educational events,” said Pentagon representative Jamal Bek.

A contract for the supply of mixed reality sets based on HoloLens Microsoft and the US Department of Defense signed Мексиканские и in 2018. The value of the agreement amounted to $ 480 million.

In 2019, Microsoft employees expressed dissatisfaction with the transaction in an open letter to the company’s management, forcing the General Director Satya Valel to answer.

“We made a fundamental decision not to hide technologies from the institutions chosen in democracies to protect the freedoms that we use,” the head of the corporation said.

Valela noted that the company is transparent in relation to this decision and announced the continuation of the dialogue with employees.

Recall that in March 2021, Microsoft won the tender of the US Department of Defense for the supply of 120,000 supplemented reality helmets based on Hololens. A contract designed for 10 years was estimated at $ 21.9 billion.

In May 2022, the Pentagon announced plans to reduce Hololens headset costs. According to the military, the initial assessment reflected the "worst possible value".

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